The software for your business.

Agriculture is becoming increasingly complex, in particular with regard to the increasing number of requirements and the need to provide documentation for the authorities. It is scarcely possible for a farmer to keep on top of all of this with conventional means.

This is where 365FarmNet comes into its own. Comprehensive agricultural management software with which you can manage your business from manufacturer to every branch of the industry in a single program.

Up until now there have only been individual solutions for a clearly defined area of production.

365FarmNet offers you a comprehensive system solution that links individual operational areas closely and intelligently and improves operational processes through intelligent data evaluations.

Register for free and get started. No waiting times.

With 365FarmNet you can get started as soon as you have registered and use the field mapping service for as long as you want, free of charge.

You only have to register on the website once and then you have immediate access to the program and all the basic functions:

  • general inventory management
  • operation-specific basic weather
  • graphic map of your holding
  • interactive annual calendar
  • complete documentation function
  • aerial views of your fields

The application data for farmers can be simply and automatically entered into the software. Information on current seed collections, manures and plant protection products is always up-to-date.

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Individually adaptable. To your needs.

With the partner model from 365FarmNet it is possible to manage all your manufacturers with just one piece of software.

365FarmNet delivers the basic software free of charge and every producer can then tailor this to their own specific needs. In this way we create interfaces to intelligent applications from suppliers from different agricultural areas, i.e. machine manufacturers, plant protection and manure product producers, breeders, feed suppliers to equipment manufacturers for livestock farming.

As a farmer, you decide which additional components you need to buy and so you only pay for what you really need. Thus 365FarmNet can be tailored exclusively to your individual needs.

Can be used everywhere. Even when you're out and about and offline.

365FarmNet is a web-based application, which means you don't need to download or install anything. Once you've registered, you can access your data from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The only technical requirement is access to the Internet.

This means that you can integrate staff, apprentices or family members into 365FarmNet. Issue targeted reading and writing rights so you keep an overview of access to your information. This makes the collaboration even more efficient.

Thanks to the free 365FarmNet app, you and your staff can also document measures offline. An automatic reconciliation is carried out at regular intervals, as soon as internet access is resumed. Centralised storage and the automatic reconciliation of data saves you time and trouble.

365FarmNet Apps

Your benefits. In a nutshell.

365FarmNet takes the pressure off you. You save time because you can manage all your data centrally in the same program and have access to maximum competence across all your producers. Data is not just collected in 365FarmNet, it is made available and useful.

Field mapping, fertiliser planning, herd management, analysis software, calendar, planning programmes, nutrient balance: Instead of having to deal with individual solutions you have everything you need in the one software tool for the first time. So getting to know different programs is no longer necessary. Bookings are entered semi-automatically, which makes documentation all the simpler.

First steps with 365FarmNet.

You are quickly on top of things with the introductory video on field mapping in the Plants component. ou will find more on the individual functionalities in the user video on the 365FarmNet YouTube Channel.

Field mapping in the Plants component: A simple user concept.
In the introductory video you will find basic information on different topics such as main navigation, field mapping, yield potential, map of holding, calendar or support.