365Active System

365Active system optimal overview and convenient documentation.

All machines and equipment permanently at a glance - live

Save time with automatic documentation

Smart tracking for precise statements

Operation optimisation through detailed measures analysis

Display of the tracks and positions of all machines and equipment on the premises

Booking proposals for soil preparation, mineral and organic fertilization, sowing and plant protection measures

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Experience the 365Active system in use.

How does 365Active help me?

Free basic function

My machines in overview

365Active is an automatic system for time tracking and documentation in agriculture.

With the use of 365Active boxes and the 365Active app, all machines and attachments can be easily tracked; the year of construction or manufacturer are irrelevant.

You have an easy overview of your operations.

New component

Automate documentation with ActiveDoc

Now you can book the component ActiveDoc. ActiveDoc offers booking proposals and detailed analyses allowing you to optimise operating processes and simplify your documentation.

You can document on the side - with one click and save lots of time. This is the most convenient way of documentation.

Available functions:

  • Display track live on farm map
  • Tracks of the past 12 hours available
  • Identification of person and equipment and display on the farm map
  • Drivers see their own position and track as well as the position of the others in the app

Price per ha: EUR 0 p.a.

Function ActiveDoc:

  • Automatic documentation enables thorough task verification and safeguards valuable data
  • Recording working hours, downtime and travel time can reveal potential savings in machine utilization
  • Calculating machine costs facilitates precise cost posting for different stages ofoperation
  • Real-time information about the location and route travelled by the machines provides an ideal overview

Information about component and pricing

What are 365Active’s capabilities?

You want to see all machines and equipment on the farm map in real time and document them simultaneously?
Easy: with 365Active.

For optimal use of 365Active in a business with more than one person, we recommend:

  • Add tablets with free 365Active app to your machines
  • Equip all employees with person beacons* (*currently only for Android)
  • Apply 36Active boxes on your attachment devices

With the 365Active system, you can automatically enter times and information on machines and measures precise to the minute:


(date, time)


What with
(machine or equipment)

How long

This is how 365Active works

It is as simple as this:
  1. Create your 365FarmNet Account
  2. Download the 365Active App
  3. Buy 365ActiveBox from 365FarmNet
  4. Simple fitting of the box to the machine - regardless of machine age and manufacturer
Do you have any questions on operation?

If you have any questions about using 365Active, you can find detailed instructions here or contact us by email at: active noreply@spam.no 365FarmNet.com

Information on tablet and person beacon*

For the smooth operation of the 365Active system, further hardware components are required.
You can find information on this here...

*currently only for Android


Display on the farm map
Booking proposals

Download the 365Active app free of charge here

Google Play App Store

Order 365ActiveBox on a binding basis:

    1. Price per box: EUR 120.00. All prices are excl. of statutory VAT.
    2. Please fill in the mandatory fields marked with an * for a binding registration.

Scope of delivery

  • 365ActiveBox including batteries, service life of approx. 4 years
  • Usable with free 365Active app for Android and iOS
  • Automatic data transfer in 365FarmNet account

    The ActiveBoxes will be delivered within 30 working days of order confirmation. This order is only binding after order confirmation from 365FarmNet GmbH. The resulting agreement comes about with the inclusion of the General Terms of Use of 365FarmNet GmbH. These terms of use apply largely for the software provided with the 365ActiveBox. As regards the hardware, the regulations of items 20, 22 and 38 of the above terms of use apply analogously.