LACOS Fieldplanner

Optimize routes -
reduce costs and work gently

Your advantages

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LACOS Fieldplanner

Fields are very seldom rectangular. Normally there are a lot of angles and complex geometry. Fields are often worked based on experience and gut feeling. The route optimization is the key for efficient work!

Fieldplanner powered by LACOS gives the user an objective advice. Also for farmers who don't have a guidance system yet, it helps them determine the optimal routes to work their fields. Your benefit is saving fuel costs and operational hours as well as preserving your soil and your machines.

Your benefits

Reduce working hours and diesel costs

Protect soil and machines

Increase efficiency

LACOS Fieldplanner functions

Overview of core functions

  • Calculate the most efficient route depending on working width, turning circle and field geometry 
  • Automatic detection and consideration of objects
  • Generate A-B- and A-B-contour lines
  • Export routes in ISO-XML format
  • Plan headland routes Determine headland width (for the whole field or a field border)
  • Select a routing strategy: total working distance or number of turnings Save multiple routes per field – for instance for every operation type



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