Grain Marketing

Take the marketing of your grain into your own hands!

Fluctuating grain prices – maximise the tomorrow's profits.
Grain is subject to large fluctuations in prices. Minor changes in the market can already result in near-term and partly wide-ranging price corrections. This can be unnerving when it comes to scheduling the right time to placing your grain on the market.

  • What price can you realistically achieve for your grain?
  • Is it more practical to market your harvest in partial quantities or all at once?
  • Should you hedge the price on the commodity futures exchange?

These are only a few of the questions one asks as a farmer.

365FarmNet Grain Marketing

365FarmNet can help you in answering these questions. Using the acclaimed module SAATBAU Profit Manager, you can estimate the optimum expected profit per hectare for your grain (and any other culture).

Moreover, you can identify in a few steps how changes in price or earnings impact your company profits. A “what-if analysis” also allows you to consider various scenarios. For example, if you anticipate the spot prices to drop to a greater extent than the forward quotation, it is possible to sell your grain ex stock or as a pre-contract to lower the price-risk.



You can retrieve the data stored in your 365FarmNet account at any time and from anywhere. This enables you to respond to fluctuations in the near-term and maximise your profits.